The Virtual Sandbox - Museum of World Sands

“To see a world in a grain
of sand and heaven
in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the
palms of your hand
and eternity in an hour.”

- Auguries of Innocence

“Write injuries in sand,
kindnesses in marble”

- French Proverb

“Time is like
a handful of sand -
the tighter you grasp it,
the faster it runs
through your fingers”

- Author Unknown

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    Take a look! Here you can view sands from around the world that others have donated. Special Thanks to: Katelyn Ewacha, Elmer & Anne Mebs, Betty Ewacha, Don Knight, Christine McMillan, Viven Mantin, Greet Kettenis, Richard & Agnes Krammer, Joao Addad, Frank Krumme, Pat & Ed Jaster, Ron & Yvette Mebs, Brenda Haid, Tery Van Roon, Barry Moss and others!

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    Why collect sand? There are many reasons. It's a way to reminisce about exotic places you have visited. It's an area of rock collecting that hasn't been "picked over" like most popular mineral sites. It's a cheap hobby that really requires nothing more than some common household items. To make the most of your new (or old) found hobby. Here's a few pointers

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  • Donate Sand

    We are excited about collecting sand from all over the world and sharing its intristic beauty with others! This site has been set up as a place to do that. If you have some sand or a photo that you would like to donate to our collection we'd be glad to post it here in time. Credits to the original collector as well as the location will be displayed to all who donate sand or photos.

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